How bout that fiddle..

It is incredible how much magic there is in the world if you stop to experience it. Even in the land of potatoes and small towns there are moments that can take your breath away. Driving to the Weaser for the fiddle festival was just as beautiful as ever, all the trees still bright green because they have not been scorched my the summer sun yet, the newly born animals following close behind mom as she grazes on the land. In the background of the world being wonderful my mom and I are rocking out to “I was country when Country was not Cool”, with our fists as a poor mans microphone. The whole scene as close to perfect aBlinding Green...

s you can get. We then sing “Stealing Cinderella” by Chuck Wicks and “Drunk on a Plane” by Dierks Bentley, talking about the first time we head them and what our reaction to them was. Once we get to the festival we wonder around a little listening to what I think was a local volunteer playing the harmonica. The fiddle and banjo competitions are up a the high school so that is going to be our next stop, after I eat me legendary corn dog. When we first walk into high school it seems like the walls of vibrating with all the music. In the first room several of the fiddlers are gathered, you can hear the playing some toons with each other to calm the nervous before the games begin. There is a unity you can feel when musician who do not know each the pick up there instruments and play. The second round for the fiddlers is about to begin so we take our rightful place in the auditorium. I am expecting something along the lines Johnny makes a deal with the devil and winning a golden fiddle, but am taking away in a completely different direction. As they play I close my eyes and the open them and I am in a Spanish Courtyard where their is a hue Spanish family gathered to celebrate their youngest daughter getting married. The fiddle is serenading the new husband and wife in the first dance as a married couple. The music and the newlyweds remind all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and there parents about the beginning of all there marriages. It reminds them of how it felt to float on the clouds with the love of your life. While all the married couples are falling back in love, and all the little girl of dreaming of their own prince charming and wearing a princes dress and the little boys are paying no attention the fiddle continues.   By the end of the song everyone has joined in on the dancing, the mothers even grabs there little sons, and the courtyard was filled with love, laughter and dancing. I get snapped back to the real word when the songs ends and the completion is over. Still half with my new friends in Spain and half with my family in Weaser, Id I get up and walk out of the dark auditorium and into the sunshine.

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