Fear is human.. Being a chicken is a choice…

Light in the DarknessHow would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?
If it scares you it might me a good thing to try!!!! Everyone has something they fear or are scared of, when I was younger my list was long, spiders, heights, toilets (sounds like a joke but its not), death and many other things. Then on the other hand I was independent to a fault. When I started to think about how little sense it made to say I was independent but then let me fears control me I changed it all. But what I found was not what I expected at all. I started to go on every roller coaster possible, I let a spider live in my bathroom and I plunged a toilet without crying. Everyone knows that sick feeling in there stomach that you get when you are scared of something. Most people use it as an excuses not to do it, what I found was if you push through the fear and just do it all the sick in your stomach turns to adrenaline and you have the best time of your life. I went skydiving last August and when people ask me if I was scared I say “of course, what would be the point if I wasn’t”. My next adventure is flyboarding next week and I am terrified and cant wait. I am better with my fears they make we feel alive and human!! Fear is human being a chicken is a choice!

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6 thoughts on “Fear is human.. Being a chicken is a choice…

  1. I love your title and your outlook on this normal emotion! The fact that you went skydiving even though you were scared actually makes you courageous! Let us know how the flyboarding goes! LOL

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  4. Hee-hee! Love the title! But skydiving? No thanks! I don’t even like to stand on top of a chiar! LOL. But… good for you!

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