The night that would change my life…

p>You get to plan a dinner party for 4-8 of your favorite writers/artists/musicians/other notable figures, whether dead or alive. Who do you seat next to whom in order to inspire the most fun evening?

Before I introduce my dinner guests I would like to set the mood… We are dining tonight in 17th century French coffee house where artists, scholars, poets, writers, religious men and women, peasants and the workings class all gather together to discuss anything and everything with each other. The moment they walk through the door they are all equal, there social classes, religion and ethnically no longer matter. This particular coffee house is known for its diverse range of people and the controversial things they decide to discuss. There would be not assigned seating everyone would sit and I would take the last chair. Now to introduce our guests, first on the roster is Photographer Lewis Wickes Hines, Hines photographed the building of the Empire State Building and he also was a photographer for the American Red Cross and photographed child labor, in order to make America aware of the travesty.Lewis Wickes Hines >< Second is Ayn Rand and incredible Russian author of several books including Atlas Shrugged and Fountain Head.Ayn Rand My third guest would be Felix Baumgartner dare devil and the only man to free fell from space through the sound barrier and land uninjured on the ground. Felix Baumgartner
Fourth would be Jesus Christ, savior, kindest, and most loving man that every walked the earth.Jesus Christ Last but not least Rosa Parks the women who in 1955 decided she was not going sit in the back of the bus solely because of her skin color, in turn changing history forever. Rosa ParksI do not know what we would all talk about together, but I do know that if I got to be in the presence of all these incredible human beings I would never want to leave. And the conversation would change my life for the better, forever.

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4 thoughts on “The night that would change my life…

  1. Interesting group, indeed, and yes, with the Lord there your life would be changed forever.

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