The greatest love story ever told…

Love in a Cup

So here I am, sitting once again on a coffee shop patio with my coffee and scone watching the world pass by. The early risers on this Sunday morning are few and far between but I am not entirely alone. While the few people around me come eat there breakfast, drink there coffee and leave, I remain. I enjoy my mornings sitting quietly in the shady corner reading or writing all while watching the people. On this particular morning I am reminded of a story told to me by an old man a while ago.
The story began with a sixteen year old boy in New Jersey or some other east coast state. Then at 18 this boy gets drafted and is sent over seas. After a couple year the now young man comes back mostly in one peace to his east coast town. He putters around for a while doing what young men do, then a friend invited him to his wedding in Amsterdam. The man hops on a ship and sails right over, never the wiser that his life would forever be changed.
He goes to the wedding, has a wonderful time and then decides to go for a day on the town. Enjoying a day going to museums, enjoying the culture the wine and the art it is time to head back. A little sobering up is in order so he stops at a busy coffee shop to get some tea. After he gets his tea he turns to find a place to sit. Seeing that the only spot is cross from a young girl he takes a chance, some liquid courage still clearly in his vines. She says yes in broken English, “of course you can sit down.” As they sit there together they talk, him in broken Dutch and her in broken English. It does not take long to finish his cup of tea and he really should be on his way, so he asks her if she can walk him to the train station.
As the story goes she says yes. On there way he buys her some flowers to thank her for her generosity. Once at the train station, not being able so say goodbye forever, and only knowing the girl for 30 minutes he gets on one knee to ask her to marry him. And after only knowing him for 30 minutes she says yes…
During this entire story I am obviously crying because no one with a beating heart could stay dry eyed during that. And as I continue to cry, he finishes by saying that they have been married for over 50 years and are still very much in love, but the struggle now is that she has Alzheimer’s. As you can imagine my coffee shop visits have a little higher of expectations now…

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